Aberdeen Design & marketing Studio with a Human Focused approach and a passion for connecting your brand with your main audience.

Aberdeen Design & marketing Studio with a Human Focused approach and a passion for connecting your brand with your main audience.

We are creative Kanakas with your business at heart, and will never speak to you in a condescending manner.

We are tired of industry jargon and long spiel with confusing terms, we do things in the most natural way possible. We look forward to meeting you over a cup of coffee, to discuss your goals for your business and how we can work together to find creative ways to make it happen, and we will explain everything in a simple straight-forward way so even non-technical humans will fully understand.

Simply put: “We have a knack for humans!”
(See what we did there?)

What we can do for you:

Logo Design

We will design a memorable Logo specially tailored to suit your brand needs.


A brand should always reflect on your values and uniqueness to make deep connections.

Web Design

Your website is the front door of your business, and we will help you in making a good first impression. 

Print & Exhibitions

Brands need to be on-hand to support your business wherever you are.

Digital Services

Increase your brand’s reach by improving social awareness and digital presence.


Sometimes you’re missing something but can’t point your finger at what is it. Let’s have a coffee and look at it together.

Some of the things we've made...
(So Far)

Urban Caledonia

Rebrand + New Garment Designs

Our friends at Urban Caledonia came to us to refresh their logo, looking to move from their known style, into a more Scottish Outdoors vibe. They believe that the beautiful scenery of the country and the love for the outdoors should not be overlooked, and that high quality clothing inspired by the breathtaking highlands and local landscape should be more accesible to everyone.

We couldn’t resonate more with this, and were incredibly inspired to jump and dive right into action. 

Urban Caledonia New Logo Cover
Urban Caledonia logo redesign before and after
Urban Caledonia Business Cards Design
Mockup Hoodie for Women Urban Caledonia
Urban Caledonia Men Hoodie Mockup

Adaptive Insights

Rebrand + Graphic Design + Web Design

Adaptive Insights is a new up and coming Search Engine Optimisation provider that focuses on increasing visibility and presence of your business online. This is an area that we understand all too well and we knew that a modern looking brand with a more simplified concept, easy to identify was exactly what they needed.

We re-created the logo thinking about everything that Local SEO is about and mixed it up with their own concepts: Local, Search, Visibility, Target, Insight. Can you spot them all?

Adaptive Insights Logo Cover
Adaptive Insights Logo Redesign Before After
Adaptive Insights laptop web mockup
Adaptive Insights Mobile web mockup
Adaptive Insights Graphic Design Business Cards Mockups
Cairnton Farm Cottages

Logo Design + Web Design

The family behind the stunning Cairnton Farm Cottages have been running this business for some years now, and they felt their current website was just not up to today’s standards. We teamed up with them to get a good grasp of their business and values and make the most out of their screen space to truly communicate to their visitors what they can expect: A Real Luxury Countryside Retreat.

We provided them with a brand new logo to go along with their heritage (they are also a multi award-winning Aberdeen Angus Farm). Be sure to book some time away with them and their stunning views of Royal Deeside, you won’t regret it.

Cairnton Farm Cottages Logo Design Cover
Cairnton Farm Cottages Web Refresh
Cairnton Farm Cottages Web Mockup Devices
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